The Pre-Corpse and Mortician

by Laura Paquette

Resources are scant, so Morticians shepherd the dying to the Quietus, where they are painlessly killed, and a moderate gratuity given to their family with only a small processing fee.

Cam is proud of her work as a Mortician. Her service guarantees society’s survival, and allows everyone to contribute—though most people would spend their life in meaningless drudgery, now, their life sustains the world.

But Pierce doesn’t see it that way. As a young man with no prospects, no parents, and six siblings, he’ll do anything to survive and provide for his family—even prostitute himself to a Mortician. Yet the closer Pierce gets to Cam, the more his family comes under the Mortician gaze.

There is no resistance, no escape. Cam must prove loyal and defy the Morticians at last, or Pierce and his family will die.

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Book cover with title The Little Time Allotted Us