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The Little Time Allotted Us

by Laura Paquette

Submit to time-manipulating tyrants, or burn their worlds with a warlord.

When war-criminal Khair wakes without her memories, and a violent parole officer in her head, her best chance at survival lies in a warlord who already lost one army. General Taivan was once the abused nephew of the Andromeda Khanate leader, a boy Khair did nothing to protect. Now, Taivan and Khair are among the last of the Khanate. With no home, no ships, and dubious allies, the Khanate will destroy its old enemies with their time-machine. But as the cost of war rises, Khair can’t help but wonder: is there any way to win this war without ravaging the multiverse?

The Pre-Corpse and Mortician

by Laura Paquette

The Algorithm determines when you’re harvested. It’s only rarely wrong.

As a Mortician, Cam shepherds the dying onto the Quietus, where they are painlessly killed so that their organs can be harvested, and a gratuity given to their family with only a small processing fee. She has no friends, no relations, only her prostitute Pierce and his family. But Pierce does not show the proper respect toward  the Algorithm. Cam must convince the only person she loves to stop teaching border-line sedition, or his entire family will pay the price.

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The Pre-Corpse and Mortician book cover