The Little Time Allotted Us

by Laura Paquette

After years of intergalactic conquest, cornered war criminal Khair surrendered and allowed her memories to be wiped to save her life. But as the former officer fights for survival, she will discover the war she can’t recall isn’t done with her yet.  

With her Andromedan Khanate scattered by the bureaucratic United Oversight for Democracy, Khair finds herself drawn into a personal war between Taivan, a fleeing Khanate General, and the powerful UOD pursuing him. But the General, once a Khanate victim and now its greatest champion, will take the war to UOD or die trying.

As Khair joins Taivan’s perilous crusade, she’s electrocuted for acts of violence by Chip, a UOD parole officer operating as an inner voice in her mind. And, as Khair relies on her skills and tenuous allies to avoid Chip’s punishments, it seems the unwanted guest in her head has their own hidden agenda.

As a new war with UOD dawns, Khair begins to question her General’s methods, and can only wonder: can they defeat the enemy without becoming tyrants themselves?

Audiobook coming Summer 2024

Book cover with title The Little Time Allotted Us
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